Contrasting viewpoints about BR1M May 2016


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad feels that the Putrajaya issue for a grant to increase average income to a certain level to achieve developed nation status by 2020 is a delusion and it will most likely not happen.

The former prime minister shared in his blog that the per capita income should not be a measure of how much Malaysia has achieved as a developed nation. He is totally against the Br1m scheme.

“Per capita income, as a measure and by itself, will not make Malaysia a developed nation.”, he shared.

He states that the socialist party and the communist party have tried to improve their people's income by providing cash and supplies. However, they eventually failed and the people still “have to rely on free projects and a strong effort,” he wrote in his famous blog, . "The need of the hour is to generate revenue through higher output power rather than through the government," he concluded.

The longest serving Prime Minister of Malaysia goes on to say that the he was not able to understand how the scheme Malaysian People’s Aid or otherwise called brim hasil would help the people. He states that it’s unfair since the government already provides financial assistance to low income households and individuals. Since March this year, he has become an increasingly outspoken critic of the Malaysian people’s aid scheme which is nothing but br1m online.

Current Prime Minister, however, says that it is a value added proposition as the government wants to do away with blanket subsidies and instead provide assistance to people who actually made use of it.

Dr Mahatir was unconvinced and he maintained that “ It weakens the personality of the people and reduce the competitive edge they have on the global market.”


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